Desember 23, 2009

Well it was a long time I did not feel a good mood this morning I got off the train ended Bangunkarta wrote in Jombang, although the real goal is not Jombang but Malang, the atmosphere was like before when I used to ride the train Surabaya – Kediri, ie the square (Jumbang station right in front of the square) which many people busy exercising, enacting a delicious breakfast that is pecel overlap, plus a still warm and crunchy dent only USD 4000 only had added fried egg plus drink a glass of mineral water, it more enjoyable because there are many mess there and not only passenger trains new-fallen but also the surrounding community. Once satisfied with waiting for a bus pecel poor coffee at once, although only coffee spoon-mixed village of corn or beans, but still enjoyable to drive out the cold, plus the company of urban transportation kenek hehehe


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