DIY Soft Box – Use What’s Around You

Juni 3, 2009

by Guest Contributor

In this reader quick tip one of our forum readers Boscopix (see their Flickr account here) shares how they set up a great little soft box out of ordinary household objects. The results were pretty cool – enjoy!


Ok, this is for all of us that sometimes think you need that new gadget to get the perfect shot. Whether it be with lighting, reflecting, or set-ups, don’t be afraid to use things around your house if you don’t have all the special tools.

For an example, today I wanted to try out some “fruit in bubbly water” shots. Although I don’t have a nice soft box or a piece of glass for the bottom reflection, I think I managed to get what I was looking for by using things around the house.

Check out the set-up (don’t laugh):


Ok, to the left is my flash. Then as a diffuser I removed the cover on my reflector and shot through it. The cover of my reflector you will notice is balled up on the right to bounce light back on the glass.

Now for the reflection of the glass where it sits, I used a CD case to get that job done.

Probably the most unusual thing I did though, was used white cutting boards for the white behind the glass, well for two reasons…I didn’t have anything else around here that was plain white, and it’s too bloody cold to go searching around town for something in the snow!

So now for the result:


Not to shabby! Just a little cleaning up in Photoshop, and Wha-la!

So what are you waiting for? Get shooting!

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/diy-soft-box-use-whats-around-you#ixzz0HKnoSPJ9&B


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